foam types

We have optimized 3 types of foam with which the vast majority of all applications can be served. We have these types of foam in stock in all thicknesses.


ProCell is a High-Density foam with a velvet feel. It has a high-temperature resistance. This foam is not affected by fluids like water or oil. This foam is perfect for heavier objects and is also used for presentational purposes. In Europe, this is the most used foam.


EcoCell is also, a High-Density foam which can be compared to our ProCell. But, it has bigger cell structure and feels a bit more ‘dry’. The unique aspect of this foam is that we can recycle 100% of the scrap material.


SoftCell is a soft, Low-Density foam. Perfect for packing lighter objects that need more padding like camera body’s, glass or artwork. The foam feels like a sponge and absorbs water or other fluids.

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