CNC Milling | meet Marylin

Our CNC Milling machine, Marilyn, has 2 heads and an extended tool changer. We can mill foams, flightcases and other dense materials in 1 run. The second head has an oscillating knife. This will all happen in 1 run, no humans involved.

Water jet cutting | Nessie

Our water jet, Nessie, will cut foams till heavy duty plastic sheets. With over 4000 bar pressure we cut with 140 micron, that is the thickness of a human hair!
This way we cut foam till 200 mm tick in 1 run.
With a cutting reach of 5 m2 we never have to stop.

Laser | Luke

Meet Luke, our 150 watt laser. The biggest closed system available allows us to cut foams and engrave/ mark the foams in 1 run. Nice to know is that we filter all fumes though an extended filtration process not to affect the environment.

Die Cutting | BA Baracus

No golden necklace, but our die cutter will cut fabrics and foams with over 150 tons. This die cutter is perfect for bigger volumes.

Glueing stations | Spider Man’s team

With a total of 11 stations we can finalise productions, glue all parts together and make sure that every foam gets a little bit of love. You will notice the difference.

3D printing | Buzz Lightyear

Our 3D printer is a high-end DLP (Digital Light Processing) printer. The different materials we can process are plastics that harden under high light intensity (photopolymerization). This ensures a stable end product with material properties suitable for demanding industrial and medical applications.

Our extra Quality Check is standardised in our production process