Custom case foam

Casefoam inserts for your case provide the ultimate protection for your gear. Perfect fit foams are fabricated using one or more of our different methods. We use waterjet, CNC milling or lasercutting to get the best result for your case. With laser engraving we can apply custom branding with your logo or specifications. >> Read more about Waterproof Cases

IP67 waterproof cases

Whether you have an existing case or are looking for a brand new, customized, durable case, we got you covered. Foam Studio supplies IP67 certified cases, which are tough, durable and reliable. Waterproof cases may be used in a variety of applications, ranging from marine, photography, special corps and even the manufacturing industry. They offer superior protection from the elements and impacts, making them suitable for a wide range of sectors and applications. >> Read more about Waterproof Cases

Case customization

Whether you have an existing case or are looking for a brand new, customized, durable case, we got you covered. We can customize high volumes of cases with superior attention to quality and detail. >> Read more about custom Product Development

Product Development

The development of an entirely new or modified product is an extensive process. Our expertise and extensive manufacturing possibilities and methods offer a suitable solution for even the most complex issues. >> Read more about Product Development


Get the best tools for your sales team. Custom cases and custom cut foam with logo engraving protects your valuable products and guarantees a high class presentation complementary to your company identity.

Shadow boards

Everything stays in its place and nothing gets lost. Our shadow boards make sure everything runs efficiently and effectively.

RAKO Euronorm crates

Foam inlays for RAKO crates are special inlays made from our ProCell foam material that can be placed in RAKO bins to protect and stabilize the contents during transport and storage. Foam inlays provide a safe and reliable solution to protect fragile or fragile products from damage and breakage during transport and storage.

>> Read more about Foam inlays for RAKO euro norm crates

Foam for packaging 

Foam for Packaging of all shapes and sizes. Our durable, reusable and high bulk protective foam helps in the most demanding packaging solutions and is also most used for shadow boards in factories. Our waterjets and CNC milling machines can handle high volume with superspeed, as well as single item samples. Try our premium service!

Prototyping and 3D printing

We produce parts for industrial end use with the required tolerance levels and an integrated production process. Thanks to our 3D printer, we make this possible without investing in expensive moulds with long lead times. With our high-end 3D printer you benefit from optimal flexibility and fast deliveries.

>> Read more about Prototyping and 3D printing