Prototyping & 3D printen

3D printing is rapidly changing the manufacturing industry around the world. Not only is it now more affordable than ever to create prototypes, but there is also the highest degree and demand for flexibility.


Our 3D printer is a high-end DLP (Digital Light Processing) printer. The different materials we can process are plastics that harden under high light intensity (photopolymerization). This ensures a stable end product with material properties suitable for demanding industrial and medical applications.

Optimized flexibility

We produce parts for industrial end-use with the required tolerance levels and surface finish, material properties and an integral production process. Thanks to our 3D printer, we make this possible with short lead times and without investing in expensive moulds. With our high-end 3D printer you benefit from optimal flexibility and throughput speeds.

Developing a completely new or modified product can be an extensive process. In order to steer this process as accurately as possible in the right direction, we have divided the development into various phases.


We map out the desired solution as comprehensively as possible. Our expertise and extensive manufacturing possibilities and methods offer a suitable solution for even the most complex issues. In this non-binding and exploratory phase, we make a rough estimate and aim to provide a price indication as early as possible.

Result: Quotation for design costs