Sustainability contribution

Re-use of our residual foam

At Foam Studio we ensure optimal reuse of our residual foam. We do this with so much commitment that results in a re-use percentage of at least 92% of our residual foam. The foam that remains after producing our case foams is shredded. A recycling company then turns it into shock-absorbing and drainage products for landscaping and other innovative applications. These products are then 100% circular.

High-quality landscaping

Our residual foam is processed in various sustainable applications. Due to the emission-free properties of our foam, it is exceptionally suitable for processing in, for example, drainage systems. You can find our foam in public areas under roundabouts and medians. Also balconies or places with poor drainage are transformed into a green-rich result.

Fall protection for sports fields

One of the most well-known applications of our residual foam are the Shockpads that you will find at playgrounds and sports fields. The shock pad can be found as a shock-absorbing layer under artificial grass. The drainage capacity of the shock pads means that they can be used in any climate. You will find them all over the world. The shock pads are part of numerous EN 1177 certified sports fields that recognized builders build. As part of the system, the shock pad offers the ultimate fall protection, providing a safe and comfortable floor that meets the Head Impact Criterion (HIC).

We believe that we can only create sustainability and growth by taking corporate social responsibility seriously. Reuse and recycling are important pillars in a sustainable society in which raw material chains are connected.

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Everyday things… 

… also contribute on the way to a more sustainable future. Foam Studio wants its ecological footprint to be as small as possible. We also strive for this when purchasing everyday consumables. Choosing 100% tree-friendly and sustainable toilet paper from The Good Roll is an example of this. The Good Roll is made from 100% European recycled paper, without chlorine, colourings or fragrances and donates 50% of the net profit to the construction of toilets in Africa.

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Clean water…

… is not that common for everyone. Worldwide, there are 1.2 billion people who do not have enough clean drinking water at their disposal. EARTH water is a concept in which 100% of the net profit is paid to realize projects in third world countries to promote clean drinking water. EARTH Concepts realizes these projects in collaboration with UNESCO and AKVO and is closely supervised by a supervisory board.

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Unwaste believes… 

… in a world where waste does not exist. We believe in a world where all residual streams produced by people have a valuable function. No waste, but valuable raw materials. Unwaste prevents valuable raw materials from being classified as waste and ensures that they serve a daily function in your care products. In our sanitairy facilities we use soap from Unwaste.

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